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Create a buzz around your brand, reach your target audience, boost organic traffic, and gain those highly sought-after backlinks.

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Digital PR is Essential

Digital PR is an essential tool in any digital marketer’s belt because it puts your brand right in front of your audience.

It gets your business in big publications, right in the heart of trending stories. And of course, it strengthens your search presence by building the backlinks you need to climb the search results.

If digital PR is something you want to learn more about (and we highly recommend you do!) then look no further than our full digital PR guide. 

We’ll tell you all the information you need so that you can use digital PR to your advantage and start getting your brand noticed online.

The Guide

Check out our chapters on digital PR to learn all the essentials you’ll need to know. From a simple definition of what digital PR actually is to guidance on the types of links you build, you’ll find guidance no matter what your level of expertise.

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Chapter 1: What is Digital PR and Why Is It Important?

Let’s start at the beginning. What on earth actually is digital PR? We outline the basics here. 

Blog on what is a digital PR strategy? and how do I create one

Chapter 2: What is a Digital PR Strategy?

Ready to give your own digital PR strategy a go? Find out how to build your own creative campaign and outreach it.

Digital Marketing blog on tThe Best Digital PR Tools

Chapter 3: The Best Digital PR Tools

In digital PR, data collection, outreach and measurement can be tough – but luckily there are tools to make things a bit easier. Here, our digital PR manager shares her favourites.

Digital Marketing blog on how to use Reactive PR

Chapter 4: How to Use Reactive Digital PR

Want to jump on the most talked-about news stories? Find out how to get your brand involved in viral trends and build links in the process. 

Digital Marketing Blog on Link Building Tactics

Chapter 5: How to Build Links Without a Campaign

Digital PR is never a sure-thing and sometimes, campaigns just don’t land the links you want. But fear not! Our five link-building tactics will help you when your campaigns can’t.

Digital Marketing blog on Are Nofollow Links Good for SEO?

Chapter 6: Are Nofollow Links Good For SEO?

Ah, the age-old question in digital PR. Find out whether nofollow links really are valuable, or whether dofollow links are the sole goal.

Digital PR Case Studies

Want to see our digital PR tactics put into practice? Take a look at some of our work.

Digital PR Services

We know that when it comes to digital PR, there’s a lot to take in. If you need support, browse our digital PR services and see how we can transform your online presence.