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Things move fast in the Financial technology industry!

From innovations in digital lending to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the fintech industry is constantly moving forwards, and keeping up with the latest trends is imperative to staying relevant as a brand. New technologies and customer habits are always emerging, so brands must adapt and react to stay ahead of the curve.

A strong digital presence is crucial, of course, but it’s not enough to just be visible. Fintech brands must pay attention to the way they communicate with customers through these online platforms so that they’re able to build a relationship and stand out.

Fintech consumers typically undergo ten or more digital touchpoints on their way to purchase or consume fintech products. So creating a continued impression on consumers during the research and decision-making phases can help get your brand into consumers’ consideration.


PR For Fintech

The days of traditional PR have been on a slow decline in previous years. Putting an advert in the paper or on the radio is having less effect as the months and years go on, not to mention the large cost associated with these methods. 

So, how can we maximise return on investment when it comes to PR and make our brand ‘visible’ in a digital world? Consumers and publishers alike have moved away from paper and onto mobile phones and desktop screens. 

Naturally, this transition has led to new entrants who jumped ahead of the curve. The likes of “This is Money” and “The Street” have gained a large number of website visitors and have a significant influence within the industry.  Influential sites like these and many more would not be accessible via traditional PR methods

Digital PR is a tactic used to increase a brand’s online presence. Linked to traditional PR in many ways, digital PR focuses on online coverage only and aims to put brands in front of their target audience. Its purpose is to increase brand awareness, website traffic and backlinks, which help improve search rankings. Read more about what Digital PR is and how you can implement it within your business with our complete guide.

At a glance, here are some of the main benefits of incorporating digital PR into your marketing communications:

  • Brand awareness 
  • Build reputation and authority 
  • Increased website traffic through links
  • Position as a source of information and expertise 
  • Build trust and brand sentiment 

Read more about the decline of traditional PR and the uprising of digital PR in the fintech industry.

Fintech PR Insights

70 %

Of fintech marketers said brand awareness is their top priority within their marketing communications

52 %

Of fintech marketers say they have trouble reaching the right audiences

37 %

Of fintech marketers struggle by not having enough resource to create quality online content

SEO For Fintech

Search engine optimisation is important in all businesses, but particularly so in fintech. When marketing products and services with a considerably stronger digital-led consumer journey than most businesses, it’s vital your brand appears on the search results.

So what are consumers looking for? And how can you get your business to rank for these keywords and search terms?

Keyword Monthly Search Volumes
What is inflation? 137,000
Small loans 32,000
AER meaning 4,900
Online loans  97,000
What is recession  154,000
Gdp meaning 146,000

(Fintech Search volumes as of October 2022,

Having great content for all the relevant keywords is half the struggle but having backlinks from highly authoritative sites is equally important, read more about the importance of high authority backlinks and how to acquire them.

It’s important when creating SEO content for your fintech to consider recent fintech trends, the above keywords have seen a large upturn in the past 12 months, with consumers wanting to learn more about the economy being a key trend that we identified. 

Read more fintech SEO tips we’ve put together. 

Fintech SEO Insights

70 %

Of consumers visit between 2&4 websites before purchase

47 %

Of fintech marketers website budgets are centred around SEO

44 %

Of fintech marketers said they struggle to keep up with competitors

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