Finger On The Pulse: How To Anticipate Digital Trends Early

In the digital world, things are prone to rapid change. New things are happening with every refresh of our newsfeeds. It can be incredibly difficult to keep up, especially if you are an ecommerce manager simply trying to keep the warehouse flowing and your products top-of-mind. 

Learn how you can make staying ahead of the curve easier and keep your marketing operations thriving by anticipating trends and using different online tools.

Alerts & trends

Google Alerts will allow you to keep track of what your competitors are doing. For example, you’ll receive email alerts for campaigns that they are running, comms they are pushing out and info on when anything new that they are trying that has made the headlines. 

This is useful if you have larger competitors that are difficult to keep up with. You can also set alerts up for certain topics, which is especially useful if you operate in a certain niche. 

By using  Google Trends, you can enter a topic and see its online popularity over a given timescale. Searches are unlimited and you can view data as far back as 2004 or just the past week. Many searches will also predict what the popularity will look like in the future. While it’s obviously speculative, it’s usually fairly accurate.

This search trends tool by SEOMonitor allows you to look at year on year changes in search volume. As an example, searches for ‘bread maker’ in the UK in February 2020 were up 22% year-on-year, as people started making more food at home.

Social listening

Keeping an eye on social media will inform you about things that the public are loving, enjoying, or outraged about. Monitoring these trends daily could inspire ideas for content or new ways to do business. 

Tools like Exploding Topics are especially useful in this short term because you can see the topics that are getting more and more popular quickly. And if you ever wondered how accurate it is, April 2020’s exploding topics are “bakers yeast”, “virtual tip jar”, “Google classroom” and “DIY masks”. 

Bespoke tools

At NORTH, we have built a number of tools that monitor real-time search trends in a few different verticals. This allows us to proactively monitor trends. If you anticipate trends and act on them accordingly, you’ll see your brand awareness grow and will be able to capitalise on the latest digital developments.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out how we can help you stay on top of the latest digital trends and keep your brand front of mind.