Food Places Musicians Would Own
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Revealed: The Food Places Musicians Would Own

Musicians aren’t just owning the stage anymore, they’re becoming the new headline spot in the food industry, dishing up a fresh flavour for our taste buds. 

We’ve got Krept and Konan bringing us ‘Crepes and Cones’ in Croydon to fulfill our munchie needs, and now Eminem has opened ‘Mom’s Spaghetti’, with a special pop-up store coming to LA to celebrate the Super Bowl weekend.

But what would other musician’s food outlets look like?

Here at NORTH, we’ve designed what we think these iconic musicians should open and what they should call their new ventures, and we’re drooling at the thought!


Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes Brunch Cafe

Who better to open up a brunch cafe than the brunch king himself – Jack Johnson. We’re thinking his Banana Pancakes cafe would be the ideal spot to hang with friends and enjoy the delectable taste of pancakes and syrup to start the weekend off right.


Pink, Christina, Lil Kim, Mia, Missy Elliot – Lady Marmalade Cocktail Bar

We’re wishing we could grab the gals and take a trip down to the Moulin Rouge to enjoy cocktails and canapes at the most Instagrammable bar – Lady Marmalade.

With special appearances from the owners themselves, it’d be an unforgettable night, every night. 


Kelis – Milkshake Diner

If Kelis opened an American Diner called Milkshake, we’re sure it would bring everyone to the yard… not just the boys. With a menu full of strawberry milkshakes and the best burgers in town, it’d be a fan favourite for everyone.


Drake – Passionfruit Juice Bar 

Imagine this: you’re in the fields of Glastonbury, the sun is beaming down and Drake is on the Pyramid Stage next… but you just need something to quench your thirst ready to sing your heart out. That’s where Drake comes in. Passionfruit would be the perfect pop-up vendor, selling everything from fruit smoothies to a cheeky pina colada. Life’s good.


Shanks and Bigfoot – Sweet Like Chocolate Ice Cream Van  

Shanks and Bigfoot know how to drop a beat, but we’re pretty sure they’d be even better at making their own ice cream…  Oh, and of course, what better ice cream van music to have than ‘Sweet Like Chocolate’ itself!


Harry Styles – Watermelon Sugar Hawaiian Beach Hut 

Nothing says summer quite like a beach hut serving ice cold bevvies and tropical fruit to see us through the heat, and with Harry Styles bringing us his iconic summer banger, we think he should open up the next beach bar in homage to ‘Watermelon Sugar’.

Maybe one day these musicians will be following in the footsteps of Eminem and we’ll see them at next year’s Super Bowl with their very own pop-up store! Until then, we’ll just have to keep on dreaming!


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