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How To Get 68 Days Off With Only 28 Days Holiday Over The Next Year

Are you trying to squeeze in a summer holiday around your 28-days of annual leave? 

Travelling abroad no longer needs to be a thing of the past. The pandemic may have cancelled many travel plans this year but with restrictions easing, our hack gives hope to many of us who are looking to jet off somewhere tropical for a two-week summer holiday. 

Fear not, because if you’re struggling to prioritise 28 days annual leave, or if you’re simply unsure of how best to maximise your holiday, you could in fact double your time off over the next year.

So get your calendar out, and brush the dust off those flip flops, because these are the dates to book off to get a whopping 68 days holiday over the next year!


Table 1: How to get 68 days off with only 28 days of annual leave


No. of Days to Take Off

Dates to Book Off

Off From/To

Total No. of Days Off (Incl. Weekends)

Aug-Sep 2021 4 31st-3rd 28th August – 5th September 9
Christmas 2021 4 24th, 29th-31st 24th – 31st December 11
Easter 2022 4 11th-14th 9th- 17th April  10
May 2022 4 3rd-6th 30th April -9th May    9
June 2022 5 6th-10th 2nd- 13th June 11
Aug-Sep 2022 4 30th-2nd 27th August – 4th September 9
Christmas 2022 3 28th-30th 24th December – 2nd January 9

28 Days Used

Total = 68


June 2022 is the month to celebrate

If June wasn’t a perfect time to escape before, it most definitely is now. 

With the late May bank holiday now moving to the 2nd June in 2022, and the extra bank holiday added on the 3rd June for the Platinum Jubilee, we can take advantage of a longer holiday – because it would be rude not to, right?

To do this, you could use  only 5 days of holiday (6th June-10th 2022) to bag yourself 11 days of holiday next year. 

If you fancy extending this even further, you could book three additional days off (before the 2nd June or after the 13th ), for a two-week all inclusive holiday somewhere.

Let’s not forget the added bonus, with June being before the school summer holidays, naturally this reduces costs as well as days to book off – a win-win situation. 

Other set dates will allow you to have 11 days off at Christmas, and ten days off at Easter, by booking the 11th-14th April off. 

But if you do have 28 days to take, you could use our set dates as a go-to guide to your annual leave, in order to bag 68 days off. 


So what are you waiting for? Book your annual leave now to take advantage of a longer, much needed break.