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NORTH’s Best Digital PR Campaigns So Far

From the daring and extensive to the intricately detailed and specialised, digital PR campaigns come in all different shapes and sizes. 

Here at NORTH, we know that not one size fits all; every brand’s unique aims and objectives shape the digital PR campaigns we produce.

While not every campaign will land in the way you expect it to, there are several standout campaigns we’ve executed, with results we’re really proud of. 

So buckle in, as I take you through some of NORTH’s best digital PR campaigns so far.

1. Christmas Calculator – Campbells Meat

Christmas is a time for friends and family to get together and enjoy some hearty food. The digital PR team at NORTH utilised an already existing calculator on the Campbells Meat site, turning it into a newsworthy story, and outreached it to the press. 

Campbells Meat Christmas Dinner Calculator with an image of a turkey and Christmas dinner trimmings.

This campaign started with a survey of 2,000 UK adults to find out how long they typically spend cooking at Christmas. 

The research found that most households spend between two and three hours cooking their Christmas dinner. Whereas the Christmas dinner guide found that households should only be spending 1.5 hours maximum, which we then used as our hook for ‘saving time’ during this special season.

We spruced up the Christmas dinner calculator on the Campbells Meat website where users choose their meat, vegetables and the time they’re sitting down to eat. The calculator then produces a guide to expertly cooking their Christmas dinner.

And the results speak for themselves. This campaign gained 155 links to the Campbells Meat domain, across publications such as The Mirror, Yahoo UK News, Daily Record, and a number of regional titles. Linking anchor text included highly relevant keywords such as; “Christmas dinner calculator” and “Campbells Meat Christmas Dinner Calculator” 

Alongside this, the Christmas Dinner Timing Chart had 2,600 total sessions in the month of December 2023 and organic sessions across the whole site improved by 18% YoY in December. 

In terms of keyword movements, the brand moved to position 4 for “Christmas dinner timetable”, position 6 for “Christmas dinner timings” and position 12 for “Christmas dinner delivery”. 

This campaign really is the gift that keeps on giving!

2. Family Friendly Service Stations – ALA Insurance 

For our client, ALA Insurance, we set out to discover the best family friendly service stations across the UK in a brand new data led and evergreen campaign. 

Within the data, we analysed a number of ranking factors, including food and drink options, number of shops, children’s play areas and outdoor facilities. 

The team launched this campaign ahead of the school summer holidays, and has continued to re-angle and outreach during other school holidays throughout the year. 

This campaign has gained 31 media placements in sites such as The Sun, the Daily Express, and across regional publications. We’ve also seen a positive impact on direct traffic and ALA Insurance also ranked in position one for the highly relevant term ‘family service stations”.

3. Vampire Cities – HelloFresh UK 

When things go bump in the night, you can count on the HelloFresh UK team to have your back. 

In October 2023, and in the lead up to Halloween, we created a campaign to discover which UK cities are most likely to survive a vampire attack. 

To determine this, our brilliant data team analysed search volumes for ‘garlic’ and other related terms across UK cities, to find out where are the biggest garlic lovers, and therefore most likely to survive a vampire ambush. 

To showcase the data, the team created an eye-catching infographic to be outreached to the press, both nationally and regionally.

A map of the UK that highlights the cities most likely to avoid a vampire attack by using garlic bulbs as the markers.

This campaign secured a total of 35 links across some of the biggest regional sites in the UK, including Wales Online, MyLondon and MSN. The average DA of all coverage was a spooktacular 71. 

4. Pop Music and Sobriety – DASH Water

Working with the sparkling water brand, DASH Water, we created a thought provoking campaign, delving into the world of pop culture, and the impact it has on sobriety. 

The unique campaign data analysed the lyrics of the top 10 songs of each year since 2012 to find the number of references to drinking and being ‘drunk’. The results revealed that drunk references declined by 40% in 2022 compared to the previous year. 

This captivating campaign gained a total of 17 media placements, with highlights including Vice, The Sun and Evening Standard, and an estimated lifetime viewership of over 360,000. 

5. Steak Survey – Campbells Meats

Here at NORTH, we’re no stranger to age-old controversy, as we set out to discover how Brits really have their steak cooked, as part of a campaign for online butchers, Campbells Meats.

Within this, we discovered that one in five of us prefer a well done steak, and just 3% opt for their steak on the blue side. 

We created a bespoke steak guide blog to showcase the results of the campaign, and alongside this, we optimised the relevant steak product category pages.

Not only did this campaign gain 153 links since we first launched it in summer 2023, but we’ve seen a number of improvements in keywords across the new and improved steak category pages, now ranking position 7 for ‘beef steak’, 8 for ‘meat steak’ and 13 for ‘buy steak’. 

6. Best Farmers Markets – HelloFresh UK 

Ahead of spring and summer, the HelloFresh UK team set out to discover the best farmers markets in the UK. To find this information, we compared 30 different farmers markets and ranked them based on the following factors:

  • Frequency (monthly)
  • Length (in hours) 
  • Number of traders/producers 
  • Ratings from visitors

To accompany the data, we produced a charming infographic to also be outreached to the press.

A map of the UK that highlights the best farmers markets in the UK, using imagery of fresh produce like tomatoes and strawberries as markers.

This campaign gained 26 links and 3 brand mentions, all with an average DA of 71. This campaign was picked up across regional and lifestyle titles such as the Daily Record and Country Living. 

7. Christmas Road Trip – ALA Insurance

When the festive season comes around, the UK’s streets are decked with lights and decorations, and families across the nation will set off on road trips to see the festive scenes. But where are the best places to visit for some wintery magic? 

Working with ALA Insurance, we produced a road trip covering the length and breadth of the UK to discover the best places to explore during the festive season. The road trip was composed of locations celebrated for their Christmas lights, decorations, festive cheer and stress-free road routes.

The team also created an accompanying infographic to showcase the different locations on a map. 

A map of the UK highlighting the best road trips to do at Christmas because of Christmas decorations.

This campaign landed 26 links across national, lifestyle and regional publications, highlights included Time Out, Daily Express and The Mirror. 

Over half of the links pointed directly to the dedicated campaign page and the average DA of all linking articles is 67.

8. Wrong Side of the Bed Campaign – Bensons For Beds

Do you ever get that feeling you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed? The team here at NORTH delved into the science behind this feeling for our client Bensons for Beds.

As a part of this campaign, we surveyed Brits about their bedtime habits, including how often they are struck with a bad night’s sleep. But what does this have to do with the side of the bed that you sleep? Well, the research found that over two thirds of right-sided sleeps admit they experience discomfort while sleeping on one or more nights per week, and those who sleep on the left side struggle with sleeping between 2-3 nights of sleep per week. So really, there’s no such thing as the wrong side of the bed!

But there can be the right side of a digital PR campaign, as this one secured 26 links across key sites such as Huffington Post and Yahoo.

Intrigued to know how digital PR campaigns could work for your brand? Find out more about our approach to digital PR strategy on the NORTH blog.