Digital Marketing blog on The Power of Pivoting

Digital PR Tips: The Power of Pivoting

Whether a campaign is a raging success or a disappointing flop – there’s only one logical thing to do…


Pivoting gives your campaign a second chance to secure bigger and better results for your brand.

Pivoting is
a great tactic if the original outreach didn’t bring you the results you were expecting, but it can also be a slick, strategic way of rinsing a successful campaign for all it’s worth.


How to pull off a successful pivot

Everyone deserves a second chance – and your campaigns do too. Take a few minutes to read up on our top tips so your campaign isn’t left the PR equivalent of a mangled sofa trapped in a stairwell (Friends fans – if you know, you know.)

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1) Timing is everything

Choosing the right time to pivot is crucial. It all comes down to being patient enough to hold out for the opportune moment, whilst being poised and ready to pounce on the next unsuspecting opportunity that wanders into view. Take your time, don’t rush it.


2) Relevance rules

Keep an eye on the news and social media for any fresh stories that you could jump on to use for your pivot.

Wait for a suitable hook, don’t contort your message in a desperate attempt to get your round peg of a campaign into a square hole of a media opportunity.

It’s better for your brand to go unseen than to be seen in the wrong or inappropriate, irrelevant places.


3) Check your data

If it’s a data-led campaign, you’ll want to check that the data is still relevant.  Accuracy in your storytelling is crucial, and if the data is out-of-date, no journalist will want to cover your story. If you need to, you can simply refresh your data to ensure it’s still fresh, relevant and accurate.

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4) Update your media list

Don’t be annoying – create a new media list. 

If a journalist wasn’t interested in your original campaign, chances are they won’t be all that keen on the pivot either unless it’s super relevant.

Spend some time scoping out new opportunities for coverage and invest in getting a new audience engaged in the topic. 


5) Refresh your content

For a pivot, the majority of the time you don’t have to change any of your content in your press release, but if there is a particular awareness day or week you’ve used, make sure to update this in your content.


6) Write a new email pitch

Writing a strong email pitch is the key to pivoting success. 

It can be the difference between your pivot coming off like the graceful pirouette of a ballet dancer, or an over-excited spinning top plummeting off the edge of a table.

Take a look at your original pitch to see what you included to avoid repetition. If the original campaign didn’t do so well, it could be that your email pitch wasn’t quite as strong as it could be, so take the time to assess the pitch and re-work it to maximise your chances of coverage.


Campaign Pivot Example: World Book Day

Back in February, our team utilised National Storytelling Week to run a campaign for our client, Bensons For Beds. Using search data, we ranked the ‘UK’s Most Loved Children’s Bedtime Stories’ to celebrate the importance of reading to your child at bedtime. 

Our initial outreach gained three pieces of coverage and one link on a high authority site. However, we knew it had the potential to do better.


How we changed the story for even more glory

With World Book Day fast approaching, we jumped at the chance to pivot the campaign. 

As World Book Day is celebrated widely across the UK and with it being a popular subject for many journalists to cover, we knew it would be a strong news hook to use to outreach our research again. 

We had initially outreached in line with National Storytelling Week. Therefore, we had to do some quick checks to make sure any reference to that was replaced with World Book Day.


The results were phenomenal.

We secured 31 pieces of coverage and 28 links… and for an afternoon’s worth of work, we’d say that is pretty good going.

Read our case study to find out more.

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