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Three Things Every Link Building Strategy Needs

With digital PR an ever-growing focus for marketing teams, especially given the uplift in digital-first marketing in 2020, interest in how to build a top-level strategy is, too, fast growing. While the means and methods of gaining digital coverage and links may be new territory for many, getting started with a link building strategy doesn’t have to be daunting. All you need is a strong plan in place. 


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If the thought of getting started with your link building strategy makes you want to lie on the floor in a onesie with a disproportionately long straw, don’t fear. Simply read our three musts to get you started, 

An Objective 

Before you even start with a strategy, you need to know what you’re working towards – this is your objective. If you’re currently at an agency, this objective should be aligned with your client’s KPIs and overall business goal, if you’re in-house, then you need to use your company’s objectives as the bedrock of your strategy. An objective is typically very top level and looks like ‘increase overall profit margin’ or ‘capture greater market share’. 

The strategy, then, is how you’re going to get there. You need to know what you’re working towards in order to map out the journey. For ‘capture greater market share’, for example, your link building strategy might include focussing on building links to category pages. Why? Well, to capture a greater share of the market, you’re going to need more traffic. Building links to specific category pages is a tried and tested method to improve the organic rank of those pages. A higher rank means more traffic, and more traffic means more of the market share. 


Core Outreach 

Creative campaigns are a fantastic way to boost brand awareness, gain high value links and improve traffic. However, great link building can start a lot closer to home than that with core outreach. 

Core outreach involves asking questions like

  • What is the current link health of your site like? 
  • Do you have backlinks directing users to pages that have been returning a 404 for months? 
  • Do you have a whole heap of unlinked brand mentions waiting to be linked?  

Want to learn more about core outreach? We’ve got a comprehensive guide to link building and outreach for even more insights. If you are currently working on a creative campaign and want to supercharge it, check out our post on the ten things every outreach marketing campaign needs.


A Solid Site Foundation 

SEO is split into three main facets: digital PR, content and technical. Plenty of people think each facet works autonomously from the rest – this author is not one of them. 

Digital PR and content SEO will struggle to have much organic impact if the technical aspects of your website are poor. Likewise, you can do all the technical SEO you like, but without onsite content and authoritative, valuable links pointing to your website, you’re probably not going to see the results you want. 

It’s important to check your site health before you start working on building links to it. In the real world, it’s like pointing people to your shop that’s half finished. 


If this has piqued your interest and you’re curious to know more, why not get in touch? Alternatively, get to know our digital marketing services and methodology a little closer.