NORTH's Top 10 Blogs of 2022
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Top 10 Blogs of 2022

A lot has happened this year:

  • NORTH celebrated a year in business.
  • Energy prices skyrocketed!
  • Johnny Depp had a big night out in the toon after his infamous trial. 
  • Wordle had everyone competing to guess five letter words in the fewest tries possible.
  • Will Smith delivered that outrageous slap on Chris Rock at the Oscars. 
  • England won the Euros with the women’s national team.
  • We lost our Queen, and gained a King. 
  • And somehow, had three prime ministers in the space of two months.

With the Christmas break approaching, and New Year’s on the horizon, we’re taking a moment to reflect on this past year.


So, without further ado, here are our:


Top 10 Blogs of 2022

Blog on what is a digital PR strategy? and how do I create one

1) What is a Digital PR Strategy?
by Dominic Apes

In this guide, you’ll find out exactly what a digital PR strategy is so that you can create and implement your own.


Digital Marketing Blog on Link Building Tactics

2) Five Link Building Tactics
by Mary Hickey

Digital PR’s will know building links is harder than ever, so here are 5 ways to build links without a campaign or reactive op in sight.


Food Places Musicians Would Own

3) Food Places Musicians Would Own
by Amanda Ayres

Musicians aren’t just owning the stage anymore, they’re becoming the new headline spot in the food industry, dishing up a fresh flavour for our taste buds. We’ve designed what we think some iconic musicians should open and what they should call their new ventures…


Marketing Masterclass: Big Jet TV

4) Big Jet TV: Marketing Masterclass
by Jodie Simpson

Find out how Big Jet TV stole the hearts of the nation with their viral stream during Storm Eunice, and the lessons brands can take.


Image for a blog on what digital PR is and why it's so important

5) What is Digital PR?
by Jodie Simpson

As the demand for brands to have strong online visibility and a competitive edge is constantly growing, digital PR is something that’s being talked about more and more in marketing. But what actually is digital PR? And why all the fuss?


Digital Marketing blog on Accessing and Using Data in Digital PR Campaigns

6) Accessing and Using Data in Digital PR Campaigns
by Sophie Smith

Discover the different data tools available, how to access them, and examples of our data driven public relations campaigns.


Digital Marketing blog on how to use Reactive PR

7) How to use Reactive Digital PR
by Dominic Apes

Reactive Digital PR is an increasingly popular tactic that search marketers are using to build links, gain coverage and join the conversation at pace. Find out how we do it.


Digital Marketing blog on tThe Best Digital PR Tools

8) The Best Digital PR Tools
by Sarah-Jayne Taylorson

There are a few key digital PR tools that every link-building marketer needs in their arsenal. Here are a selection of our absolute must-haves.


Digital Marketing blog on What Digital PR Can Learn From Traditional PR

9) What Digital PR Can Learn From Traditional PR
by Tayla Davie

The lines between traditional and digital PR are becoming blurred, which got us wondering, what can digital PRs learn from traditional PR when building strategies?


How Pivoting and Repurposing Digital PR Campaigns Can Boost Success

10) How Pivoting and Repurposing Digital PR Campaigns Can Boost Success
by Mary Hickey

Pivoting gives your campaign a second chance to secure bigger and better results for your brand.


Hungry for more helpful content? Then check out The Complete Guide to Digital PR. It covers everything you need to create a buzz around your brand, reach your target audience, boost organic traffic, and gain those highly sought-after backlinks.