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Why Blogging is Important for Your Business

Blogs are one of the best tools in marketing and yet they’re so often overlooked. Sure, writing posts can be time consuming and coming up with new ideas isn’t always easy, but trust us: it’s worth it! 

From driving traffic to establishing your brand’s personality, there are countless advantages of blogging for business. Not only is a blog essential to a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy, it’s also a great way to speak to your customers and create a flawless user experience.

We’ve put together 10 benefits below so you can see just how important blogging is for your business.


1. Gives your brand a voice

Blog posts allow you to talk to customers in much more depth than social media posts or other website content. They’re a chance to show off your brand’s personality, views and ideas, allowing your audience to resonate and see how fantastic your business really is.


2. Targets more search queries

The impact that blog posts have on SEO is one of the main reasons why blogging is important for businesses. Blog posts help you target a whole host of keywords so that users can find your site through Google and visit it. 

Just look at this blog post as an example. The services we offer at NORTH are SEO and Digital PR, so we want our blog posts to incorporate terms that are relevant to these. By targeting the keyword ‘why blogging is important for your business’ with this post, we’re able to attract audiences (like yourself, hopefully!) who are interested in this field.


3. Makes your website indexable

Google loves websites that are full of fantastic quality content. When a site is too thin on content, it becomes harder for Google to discover and scan the site, meaning pages aren’t always ranked. 

Adding blog posts can pad out your site and help other pages perform better as a result. Just make sure you aren’t adding content for the sake of it; quality is crucial when it comes to search engine optimisation.


4. Establishes your business as the expert

Blog posts can help your audiences get their head around difficult topics that are relevant to your business. By helping them out and establishing your brand as the expert through writing blogs, you’re able to build trust and credibility. Placing yourself as the expert also puts you at the forefront of a customer’s mind when they decide to make a purchase.


5. Builds internal links

Adding links from one page of your website to another is so important. Internal links are another one of Google’s ranking factors because they help users navigate through the site, making for better user experience. They also help search engines find pages you want to rank as you’re letting them know that the linked page is relevant and important. 

Linking your blog posts to other pages on your site won’t just impact SEO, it’ll also direct your audiences to your products or services and encourage them to buy.


6. Creates social media content

Having a strong social media presence can be hard work because you always have to think of new things to post. One of the benefits of blogging for marketing is that it gives you more assets to share and start a discussion with. 

You can produce targeted content for your social media that links directly to the relevant blog on your website, helping to engage your audience through multiple channels.


7. Updates your website with new, fresh content

Posting a blog post is something you can do regularly so that you’re always releasing fresh content. Not only does it keep you constantly engaged with your audience, it also makes your website appealing to search engines.

Don’t forget to update old blog posts too. Search engines don’t value out of date content so updating any data or facts in old blog posts is just as important as producing new blog posts.


8. Joins trending conversations

Blogging is important for businesses because it’s a way of reacting to trending topics, so you can put your brand in the heart of a conversation. If you see a new trend or news story that’s relevant to your brand values, writing a blog post on it can help you appeal to an already-invested audience.


9. Makes a landing page for digital PR campaigns

Blog posts can weave into your digital PR campaigns because they can give journalists something to link back to. That way, you’ll get more traffic to your site and you’ll get backlinks to help your website rank higher. 

Content management systems (CMS) allow you to make appealing and interactive blog posts that feature assets that journalists can’t ignore. Create a blog so interesting that publications want to link back to.


10. Converts readers into buyers

Blog posts are one of the best persuasive tools in marketing because they’re a way to hook your audience, show off your brand and lead them to your products. Just be sure to link your articles to any product pages that are relevant to the topic you’re discussing.


To find out more about why blogging is important for your business, chat to one of our content marketing experts today. Alternatively, take a look at some of our previous work to see what an SEO and digital PR strategy can do for you.