An approach to search that helps you hit business goals

Our approach is fully flexible and adaptable to meet your targets. Whether you need to outsource all of your search marketing with an all encompassing organic and paid service, or you just need support with one or the other, we’ll come up with a strategy that’s suited to brand, audience and goals.

To give you an idea of what a typical search process looks like at NORTH, we’ve outlined our ultimate approach.

1. Briefing & Discovery

We start at the beginning: what do you want to achieve? We’ll use the initial period of our process to get to know you, your brand and your target audience better. Not only will we look at your industry as a whole and get a feel for the search climate, we’ll align our strategy with your internal objectives too. That way, our services can be an extension of your business plans.

2. Performance Review

Whether you’re looking for SEO support, our paid services, or a fully holistic strategy, we’ll do a full audit of your current performance. We’ll look at your existing content, backlink profile, any technical fixes, conduct keyword research and review existing ads to decide the best strategy for your business.

3. Begin Working on Your Tailored Strategy

Once we’ve determined the best strategy for you, we’ll kick start our work together. From digital PR ideations and content plans, to tailored ads for audience segments, everything we do has your business goals in mind.

You’ll have regular check-ins with your dedicated team where we talk about all things performance, updates and how we can best work together.

4. Reporting & Evaluation

We set targets so we know we’re adding value to your website, measuring everything from traffic, revenue and ROI, to links, clicks and keyword uplift. We’ll analyse your data and pull monthly reports, contextualising results so you can see exactly how your site’s performing, both organically, paid and against the rest of the industry.

5. Reacting

The days of stagnant strategies are over. Search never stands still, so we’re always on the ball. We keep an eye on your online presence, trends and the industry so we can react to any opportunities, whether that’s reaching out to publications with unlinked brand mentions, fixing any technical issues on your site, re-optimising dropped keywords or making new assets for paid ads.

Take a look at some of our case studies to see how our search methodology has worked for others.

How does our search process fit with your business?

Our search process is fully flexible and tailored to suit your business and its goals.

Get in touch today to get a tailored methodology - we’ll always take your goals, team and budget into consideration.