An SEO methodology that helps you hit your business goals

We work with a flexible digital PR, content marketing and SEO methodology that can be fully tailored to your targets. Whether you need to outsource all of your search marketing with our full SEO services or you’re just looking to link-build with digital PR, we’ll come up with a strategy that’s suited to brand, audience and goals. To give you an idea of what a typical SEO process looks like here at NORTH, we’ve outlined our ultimate approach. Creative, reactive and always ahead of the curve, we use digital PR, SEO and content marketing to help boost our client's online presence so they can soar above competitors.

1. Briefing & Discovery

We start at the beginning: what do you want to achieve? We’ll use the initial period of our process to get to know you, your brand and your target audience better.  Not only will we look at your industry as a whole and get a feel for the search climate, we’ll align our strategy with your internal objectives too. That way, our services can be an extension of your business plans.

2. SEO Audit and Technical Fixes

We audit the technical health of your site to make sure it’s user and search engine friendly. Checking everything from HTML tags and sitemaps to your site’s navigation, speed and format, we’ll make sure there’s nothing getting in the way of its rankability.

3. Content Audit and Keyword Research

Next, we’ll see how your current content is performing by looking at all of the keywords your site is ranking for. Our content audits will spot any opportunities to rank higher, while our keyword research will identify any untapped search terms we’ve yet to target. We’ll even look at your competitors’ search visibility so we know exactly how to stay ahead. 

4. Digital PR Ideations

Once we have a clear idea of your brand, audience and target search terms, we’ll start our digital PR ideation. We’ll come up with a fabulous choice of campaigns that we know your audience – and goal publications – will love, making sure all ideas underpin your target search terms too. Then it’s over to you to pick your favourite!

5. Content Creation

When we’re all geared up with dazzling search data and digital PR ideas, we’ll create the content. We’ll optimise key pages across your website to make sure we’re targeting a range of high-volume search terms, and we’ll strategise a landing page for your upcoming campaign traffic.

6. Outreach

We’ll share your campaign with journalists across relevant sites. We don’t have a standard prospecting list; we build a new, bespoke list for every campaign we work on to ensure we’re contacting the most relevant journalists for your story. We tailor our outreach emails to maximise engagement and prioritise sites that offer follow links.

7. Reporting & Evaluation

We set targets so we know we’re adding value to your website, measuring everything from organic traffic and revenue to links and keyword uplift. We’ll analyse your data and pull monthly reports, contextualising results so you can see exactly how your site’s performing, both organically and against the rest of the industry

8. Reacting

The days of stagnant strategies are over. Organic search never stands still, so we’re always on the ball. We keep an eye on your online presence, trends and the industry so we can react to any opportunities, whether that’s reaching out to publications with unlinked brand mentions, fixing any technical issues on your site or re-optimising dropped keywords

Take a look at some of our case studies to see how our SEO methodology has worked for others.

How does our SEO process fit with your business?

Our SEO process is fully flexible and tailored to suit your business and its goals.

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