Our Digital Marketing Services

We build links and grow your online visibility. We know what works.

Our search marketing services are made up of two core components

Our Digital PRs are obsessed with delivering high-quality links that will get your brand seen while our SEOs use tried-and-tested strategies to improve your organic performance offsite and onsite.

We’re a digital PR-led agency. But what does that mean?

Well, any agency can build links, but not every agency can build great links. That's how NORTH is different.

What we do

Put simply, we build links, secure coverage and create a buzz around your brand. We craft stories that journalists want to feature, getting your brand on the types of sites you will be proud to report on.

Link-building has changed. What was once a process of building (or buying) links from any and every website has transformed into a strategic and valued marketing activity made up of:

Creative content campaigns

Core link activity


Whether we’re supporting your existing search strategy or unearthing new opportunities, we’ll maximise your budget to deliver the results you need to bolster your site’s SEO performance.

Building links that actually impact your site

We could build 1,000s of links but if they don’t impact your site’s performance, what’s the point? While we’ve had our share of viral campaigns, huge link numbers don’t always deliver the most impact. That’s why we’re strategic.

Realistic & guaranteed KPIs 

We don’t just build links and implement SEO tactics for the sake of it. That’s not our style.

Instead, our digital PRs set a yearly target for links and coverage while our SEOs measure site traffic, organic visibility and revenue. If we don’t hit our targets, we’ll keep working until we do. If we hit it before the year is up, we’ll simply up the target and keep driving your performance forward.

We know what works

Our experience working across a variety of sectors means we know the content that interests your audience. We hold daily news huddles so we’re up-to-date on the most pressing breaking news stories and emerging trends in your sectors.

Our SEOs know what works for Google too. Our case studies are a testament to that. We optimise. We iterate. We keep going. 

You're in control

Our primary aim is building buzz where your customers are online. We don’t live and die by domain authority, so if there are sites that don’t align with your brand values, we’ll veto them. 

See for yourself

You don’t have to wait for a monthly report or an email to find out how your campaign’s going. You’ll have full visibility from day one. Log into your portal and you can track your coverage in real-time.

Chiara Pisapia – SEO Manager


“The NORTH team are extremely proactive and flexible, qualities that are crucial for a fast-paced company like HelloFresh. Thanks to their constant support, we've managed to successfully carry out various SEO projects for different markets at the same time and got great results. They are always eager to try out new strategies to improve our organic performance, which allows HelloFresh to be on top of the SEO industry”


Find out how our award-winning Digital PR campaigns gained this brand global coverage.


We gained this brand links from MSN, The Sun and more, as well as a 30% uplift in organic revenue in one year. 

Virginia Hayward

Our PR coverage drove 3,177 website sessions which led to an additional £31,350 in revenue for this brand.