Digital PR

We engage your audience, build links and create buzz around your brand.

Let’s get to the point, competition is always growing.

The need to stand out has never been more important.

Enter: Digital PR.

It's time to make your Digital PR strategy a priority

Are you doing enough with the tools at your disposal? Probably not. We've got the know-how, and the experience to make a huge impact on your business. All we need to do is get started.

Our digital PR strategies can help you:

  • Build links from authoritative and relevant sites.
  • Improve your site’s rankings around key terms.
  • Grow your audience and traffic.
  • Increase brand exposure, trust and awareness amongst new and existing customers.

All too often, brands are settling:

  • Links with no relevance to their company, products or values.
  • Low-quality or paid-for links that add no value.
  • Coverage with mentions instead of links.
  • No core outreach strategy – there’s always link hygiene to be done.
Look up.

Choose North.

Our Always-On Digital PR Approach

Made up of six vital stages, our fool-proof Digital PR process never stays still. We’re always on, consistently reviewing our strategies and ready to adapt.

Objective-aligned Strategies

Link Auditing

Core Outreach

Creative Campaigns


Media Monitoring

First and foremost, we’re storytellers. We tell stories that prick up ears, turn heads and captivate attention.

Content Marketing

Our campaigns carve stories within your niche. Tried and tested methods mean we know what journalists value in a story.

Our ideas are as daring as you want to be, whether we’re planning a large PR stunt or running a simpler data-led campaign. But they always come back to your brand.

Our campaigns are built on research, experience and what’s topical. This is how we drive links to your site. We’ve helped brands like yours gain coverage in.

Our creative content campaigns are different

Our content marketing campaigns go much further than guest posts and blogs

We target publications that will not only pass value to your site, but that you’ll be excited to share with your internal teams and bosses (and show your family!). We aim high.

We find inspiration for content marketing campaigns at every turn

Whether it’s using your own internal data, researching our own or creating a one-off, off-the-wall campaign, we are talented at extracting stories that engage and excite.

Rinse and repeat isn’t our style

While we have tried-and-tested techniques, our content marketing campaigns will never be one-size-fits-all. We push boundaries, try out new approaches and keep things exciting.

We don’t launch a content marketing campaign for the sake of it

All of our campaigns are embedded into your overall strategy. Our campaigns have a purpose and we work hard to make sure they deliver what we say they will.

Your brand is an authority, we make sure people know that.


Essentially, newsjacking is the process of monitoring news stories and emerging trends, reacting quickly to add you to the conversation, whether that’s through expert commentary or sharing any relevant data you may have.

Speed is vital. Our daily news briefings, paired with live trends and social media monitoring mean we can react quickly to secure coverage.

But does it work? Well, we'll let the numbers speak for us. We've attained 137 pieces of international coverage for a client through one reactive newsjacking campaign.

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