Our formula for driving success through Digital PR and Content Marketing

We can work closely with your team or independently

to get the results you want

and be seen by your audience online

1. Briefing & Discovery

We start at the beginning: what do you want to achieve? We’ll use this initial period to get to know you, your brand and your target audience better, and find out more about your agency partners.

We’ll ask questions around your dream sites to be featured on and how daring we can be with our campaigns. This builds a foundation for the next step…

2. Ideation

Once we know more about your objectives, we gather our creative minds for an ideation session, which you’re welcome to join too.

We carefully vet all of the ideas we have, both internally and via our journalist contacts, before we put them forward for your approval. We’ll make recommendations on our preferred idea but ultimately, you’ll have final sign off.

3. Content Creation

Then, we make your chosen idea happen. Our talented content team covers everything from researching and analysing data to writing press releases and landing pages. We’ll also brief in designers and developers when we need them.

We’ll only move to the next stage once you’re fully happy with the content.

4. Outreach

We’ll share your campaign with journalists across relevant sites. We don’t have a standard prospecting list; we build a new list for every campaign we work on to ensure we’re contacting the most relevant journalists for your story.

We tailor our outreach emails to maximise engagement and prioritise sites that offer follow links. We’ll never pay for links either.

5. Reporting & evaluation

You don’t have to wait until the end of your campaign to find out how it’s done. We give you full transparency with our real time reports; you can log into your portal to check the progress of your campaign whenever you need to. 

We evaluate the campaign’s performance at regular intervals and we’re always upfront about what we need to do next. 

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Virginia Hayward

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