ATG Tickets - Digital Marketing Case Study

ATG Tickets | Becoming an Extension of Our Client’s In-House SEO Team

In a Nutshell:

A big challenge when it comes to being an agency is ensuring a positive working relationship between your team and clients so that everyone is working well together to achieve shared goals.

Agency life is fast-paced but, at NORTH, we make sure our clients’ happiness is at the forefront of our priority lists at all times. A client this has worked especially successfully with is ATG Tickets.

By doing the following we have been able to become an extension of the clients’ internal team, rather than an added-on agency, learning more about each other and striving together as a team for positive SEO outcomes.

What did we do?

Regular Communication

For this client, weekly meetings have been really effective. Instead of writing off meeting times as unnecessary when there isn’t much to update, we’ve made sure to always meet once every two weeks for a regular point of contact where we can all update each other and stay on top of reactive SEO opportunities.


Being Accountable

By circulating notes following a call we can put any passing promises into writing and acknowledge them as an important impact between agency and client. We deliver on these promises and continue to show the client we do as we say.


Making Use of Internal Strengths

Rather than treating the client’s internal team as separate, we took time to get to know their capabilities, capacity and skills to be able to utilise our budget best and ensure we are bringing something new and useful to the table. 

For example, ATG Tickets have a knowledgeable in-house SEO and content team, but the sheer size of the company and its websites mean that some projects need to be outsourced. We ensured our SEO skills were aligned to the team’s, before producing smooth and efficient delivery schedules that work best for them. 


Responding to Feedback

We make feedback a conversation. We use any response from the client of what they want and what they don’t want, to create internal guidelines of things to consider later down the road. This is especially important in the theatre industry, as multiple production teams have their own audience communication requirements, while different shows have their own tone of voice.


What outcomes were achieved?

Regular work is created and approved, goals continue to be achieved and this has resulted in an ongoing working contract for several years. ATG continues to dominate the SERPs, with most show pages and venue sites ranking first position.


What did the client have to say?

“The team at NORTH have been an invaluable partner in maximising our search performance. This is thanks to them taking the time to understand our business and goals. The end result is that NORTH is an integral part of our SEO team and not just an outside agency.”

– Adil Khan, SEO Manager at ATG Tickets

Final Thought

It’s important to personalise our approach; what works for one business, doesn’t always work for another. Putting in the effort to understand what’s most important to you, how your team likes to work and utilising the best of both teams to strive for success is key to smooth, positive working relationships that achieve results.