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Bensons For Beds | A Data Campaign That Earned 11 Pieces of Coverage and Secured Links in Huffpost and Yahoo!

In a Nutshell:

  • We studied Spotify and Youtube data to reveal the most popular sounds people listen to in order to fall asleep, and created a top 10 list
  • We asked Twitter for tips on how to cope with a snoring partner, adding real life case studies to our story
  • The campaign resulted in 11 pieces of coverage with an average DA of 69, and built 7 links including Huffpost and Yahoo!

Bensons for Beds is the UK’s leading bed retailer, putting Sleep Wellness® at the heart of everything they do. They needed a campaign that would drive their authority as the trusted experts in sleep.



How did we identify the opportunity?

We identified the pains people have when trying to get a good night sleep, and the topic of our snoring partners quickly flooded the conversation. It’s an issue that a lot of people deal with and can easily relate to, and we knew there would be a strong hook in there. 

The team discussed various solutions for dealing with a snoring spouse, and the most obvious and newsworthy fix was to drown them out with soothing sounds. We knew we had the right tools to find our data and were confident it was a topic we could find real life case studies for.


What did we do?

For Spotify we turned to The Playlist Miner, using the tool to rank tracks by the number of times they feature in ‘Sleep Sounds’ and ‘Sleep ASMR’ playlists. The top 50 tracks in each of these searches were then categorised by the type of sound and the total number of tracks for each sound was calculated.

For YouTube we looked at the video count of: all videos with at least 10 million views that were found by searching ‘Sleep Sounds’. Like our Spotify list, these sounds were then categorised by the type of sound associated. 

The final ranking positions for the top sounds to listen to as you fall asleep were awarded by totalling the number of Spotify tracks and the number of YouTube views for each sound type.

To bring real life case studies to the story, we sent out a #journorequest, this Twitter hashtag is widely used across the marketing and public relations industry, and is a quick way of scouring commentary for a campaign. Our highly common topic was sure to get the conversation started, and the responses came pouring in. 

To top off the campaign, we used Bensons for Beds resident sleep expert, Dr Sophie Bostock to add expert commentary and add extra weight to the story.

We created a press release with our top 10 list – The Sounds Most Likely To Lull You To Sleep’, and included our real life case studies and expert commentary.

After pulling our story together, it was a simple case of sending out an email pitch to relevant journalists and publications, then waiting for the results to roll in.


What outcomes were achieved?

Following our outreach we landed 11 pieces of coverage including The Sun, and built 7 links including Huffpost and Yahoo! The publications had a high average DA of 69.

Our story had our clients value for Sleep Wellness® at the heart, brought their brand to people looking for ways to get a better night’s sleep, and the high DA sites added link juice to improve their search ranking. 


Final thoughts:

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