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Bensons For Beds | A Campaign Pivot That Earned 31 Pieces of Coverage and Built 28 Links

In a Nutshell:

  • We took advantage of National Storytelling Week to run a campaign for our client, Bensons For Beds.
  • Using search data, we ranked the ‘UK’s Most Loved Children’s Bedtime Stories’ to celebrate the importance of reading to children at bedtime. 
  • We then pivoted the campaign for World Book Day, with the overall piece receiving 31 pieces of coverage and 349K estimated views.

Bensons For Beds is the UK’s leading bed retailer that puts Sleep WellnessTM at the heart of everything it does. The client required a campaign that embodied this at the centre, whilst appealing to its strong base of parental customers.

Combining the brainpower of our fantastic team at NORTH HQ, we ideated a campaign that incorporated children’s Sleep WellnessTM in a fun, creative way – by inserting Bensons For Beds into the National Storytelling Week conversation.

How did we identify the opportunity?

Awareness days are a great opportunity to have brands enter big, accessible conversations via creative campaigns. Not all awareness days are relevant for every brand and trying to shoehorn a connection can backlash. However, National Storytelling Week offered a golden opportunity for Bensons to enter a relevant marketing space that targeted their key audience perfectly.


What did we do?

We collected data using Semrush and Google Trends from the past 12 months across the UK to reveal the current, most popular bedtime stories for children. We then shortlisted the titles into a top 10 list.

We created a blog for Benson For Beds’ website and outreached our story for National Storytelling Week, originally achieving 3 pieces of coverage and 1 link.

But, we didn’t stop there.

The nature of the story meant that the campaign was also the perfect fit for the upcoming World Book Day, too. Our speedy Digital PR team refreshed the content to fit the changes, produced a fresh media list, crafted a new email pitch and completely pivoted the campaign to align with World Book Day.


What outcomes were achieved?

Following the pivot, the campaign received a huge 31 pieces of coverage, 349K estimated views, it reached a combined audience of 95.6Million people and received 28 links overall.

The response of our Digital PR team highlighted how imperative pivoting your campaigns at crucial moments is and helped it be a huge success for the client.


Final thoughts:

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