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Camilla | PPC | How a Focus on New Customer Acquisition Increased New Users by 187%

In a Nutshell:

  • We created new user acquisition focused Performance Max campaigns for our luxury fashion client Camilla.
  • New users increased 187% and new user revenue increased 97% which was the main goal for Camilla.

Green Chef needed a way to improve their visibility to potential customers across paid channels, and in turn improve their paid revenue. So, we jumped into action.

What did we do?

  • Our PPC experts created two new customer acquisition focused Performance Max campaigns.
  • The first campaign was optimised by excluding any branded keywords, targeting users who are looking for generic terms only.
  • For the second campaign we selected the ‘New Customers Only’ setting and created bespoke GA4 audiences. We uploaded customer emails to allow us to optimise for new customers only and meet the client’s original objectives.

What outcomes were achieved?

  • +187% increase in New Users
  • +97% increase in New User Revenue
  • +90% increase in New User Conversions

Screenshot of a graph showing growth in impressions and clicks

  • +131% above target for ROAS
  • +110% increase in Clicks

What’s next?

Our team are busy working on strategies to surpass last years goals, by capitalising on seasonal demand as we showcase the latest travel inspired collections!

Final Thought:

If you’re inspired by this case study and unsure you’re getting the most from your current PPC campaigns, book a FREE 30-minute consultation with one of our experts.

Or, if you’d like to discover more stories on how we’ve helped other clients, head over to our case studies.