Campbells Meats

Campbells Meats | How We Got Off To a Flying Start and Landed 153 Links in the First 100 Days

Campbells Meats is an online butcher in a highly competitive industry. With a dedication to quality, freshness and craftsmanship, they bring years of expertise and passion to the online butcher market.

By combining our efforts across content optimisation and digital PR, we began positioning Campbells Meats as the experts in understanding what meat lovers want to know, including perfecting a juicy steak.


How did we identify the opportunity?

We identified our initial site priorities by analysing low-hanging fruit, keyword opportunities and the performance of existing categories. From there we started with the steak section, optimising and expanding the category pages to target relevant and high search volume keywords that were currently underperforming or missing.

With our focus categories at the centre, we held an ideation session to land a quarterly campaign idea, leading to a survey-led campaign around how Brits cook their steaks.

What did we do?

We optimised key transactional category pages targeting relevant ‘steak’ keywords such as ‘buy steak online’ and ‘steak online’; from this we decided to collate low performing blogs into one big ‘ultimate guide to steak’ blog to improve rankings.

We then used this as the basis of our steak survey campaign, and surveyed 1,000 people from the UK asking them the following questions: ‘How do you like your steak cooked?’, ‘What type of steak do you prefer?’ And ‘What’s your favourite sauce to accompany your steak?’

We also conducted a qualitative survey analysing 16 different images of steaks cooked in various ways, which received 84 responses in total. We asked participants to decide how they order their steak and then choose from a range of steaks cooked from blue to well-done.

Alongside this, we created reactive campaigns that related to our priority pages, including expert comments on BBQing and why everyone’s using their wooden chopping boards wrongs.

What outcomes were achieved?

Our campaign – Head chef shares the reason half of Brits are ordering their steak wrong in restaurants’ – landed 145 links in the first week of outreach.

All links pointed to the newly created blog, and came from publications with an average DA of 55 and an estimated readership of 1.19 million which helped boost the brand awareness of Campbells Meats.

The links and optimisation work led to an improvement in ranking to page two for ‘buy steaks online’ and ‘buy fillet steak’ and ‘steak cooking guide’, which have a combined search volume of 1000 searches a month.

Our reactive campaigns landed 29 pieces of coverage, with eight organic links and six affiliate links.

Final Thought

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