Digital Marketing Case Study for Dash Water

Dash Water | An SEO Strategy That Increased Organic Traffic By 64%

In a Nutshell:

  • We added optimised content to the Dash Water website to help them target high-converting search terms 
  • We ensured the site was healthy, fast and user friendly to improve its rankability 
  • Our keyword research, mapping and optimisation helped pages rank in top SERP positions, despite never having ranked before

The Challenge 

Dash Water are a sustainable drinks brand who create naturally infused wonky fruit water. They came to us with a lack of organic search presence, as their site had very thin content and was unable to rank for relevant terms. Dash is an incredible brand with a delicious product offering, but their site wasn’t reaching potential audiences who were ready to shop. Changing this was crucial.


The Solution 

To grow Dash Water’s visibility, we delivered a full SEO strategy. Not only was it essential to drive traffic and revenue, it was also important to showcase and preserve Dash’s strong brand values. The team at Dash prides itself in being ethical, environmentally friendly and a voice for change, so we wanted to integrate that into their content.

Screenshot from an optimised blog for Dash Water on food waste.


A Four-Step Growth Strategy


Content Audit and Keyword Research

We conducted a content audit to see which search terms the Dash website was already ranking for. Here, we found that the majority of non-branded terms that Dash were ranking for weren’t relevant to the page, nor were they driving valuable traffic.
To resolve this, we used keyword research to inform a new keyword map, assigning high-volume, relevant keywords to each page of the Dash site.


Technical SEO Audit 

Alongside the content audit, we actioned a technical SEO audit to identify the overall performance of the website. Highlighted in our audit were slow mobile site speed, improper use of redirect tags and jarring navigation. As a result, this contributed to poor user experience and lower search rankings, causing stockists to outrank Dash for branded terms.


Content Creation 

When we were happy that the site was healthy following our technical fixes, it was time to strengthen the pages with content. 

Using the keyword map and research, we created optimised copy for each page of the Dash website, targeting terms most likely to be searched by high-converting customers. We also optimised metadata and header tags to increase rankings and drive conversion, as well as building internal links to increase page authority and facilitate the user journey.



Once the SEO content had been uploaded,  we monitored the site’s keyword uplift, ready to react to any pages that needed a further boost. We noticed that Google was having trouble indexing some of the site’s pages, so we added more internal linking and content to the site.


What were the results?

In the six months since we initiated the SEO strategy, Dash Water’s traffic grew significantly compared to the previous period: 

  • Organic sessions increased by 64%
  • New users grew by 72%
  • Revenue increased by 27%.

We were also able to boost their visibility for key transactional search terms. After having never ranked before, 10 out of 12 of the category and product pages optimised appearing in the top six search results for their primary term. 

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