fourfive Case Study

fourfive | A Quick Digital PR Campaign That Landed Coverage in Elle and Earned a Featured Snippet

In a Nutshell:

  • Through combined onsite content and digital PR efforts, we knew we could create topical content that would appeal to both consumers at the beginning of their buyer journey, and to journalists looking for expert comment
  • An onsite blog around superfoods for your gut health began ranking position 1, with featured snippets, for relevant keywords and saw a huge increase in organic sessions of 21,000%
  • Our quick and easy outreach helped land coverage with an average domain authority of 76 and an estimated readership of 153,000

As a Your Money or Your Life website, CBD and supplements brand, fourfive, were looking for ways to appeal to people at the beginning of their buyer journey. By creating evergreen onsite blog content that can be used for offsite content, we outreached tips to lifestyle media and landed multiple relevant links to the blog, in turn helping it rank number one for relevant keywords and even landing featured snippets.

fourfive Case Study - blog

How did we identify the opportunity?

The fourfive team here at NORTH found that blog content we were creating was generating a high amount of traffic, in particular those blogs that were created to accompany the digital PR strategy because of the topical content we were producing. One big trend in the wellness space over the past year has been gut health, and with in house nutritionist Dr Elisabeth Philipps, we spotted the opportunity to put fourfive in the middle of those discussions.


What did we do?

We conducted relevant keyword research around the best superfoods to eat to help with your gut health and created a new and optimised blog to sit on the fourfive website. The content provided clear information and tips, and was posted with Dr Philipps as the author to help Google understand it is expert approved information. This content was used as the basis for press releases and outreach, prioritising building links to this blog. We then reused and outreached the content multiple times using different hooks, such as general gut wellness, psychobiotics and 2023 trends.

What did Kirsty from fourfive have to say?

The fourfive team at NORTH were an absolute pleasure to deal with, both personally and professionally. They took the time to really understand the brand and what we were trying to achieve. NORTH developed a digital PR strategy that worked for us. The monthly blogs created a large bank of evergreen content which continues to hold great SEO value, but this strategy also created media interest and increased brand reach. 

The team was thoughtful and strategic in their approach. The SEO content never compromised our brand tone of voice and the subject matter was trend lend and reactive. 

NORTH is a company with soul, who will feel like an extension of your in-house team. They worked seamlessly with everyone at fourfive and we could not recommend them highly enough.”

– Kirsty McCullough, Head of Brand, fourfive

What outcomes were achieved?

The blog ‘The Best Superfoods For Gut Health’ saw an increase in organic sessions of 21,000% MoM due to the page ranking position 1 for relevant keywords including ‘superfoods for gut health’ and ‘best superfoods for gut health’, these keywords actually feature fourfive’s blog as the featured snippet. That’s a change from five sessions to 1,108 in just a month.

The average domain authority of the coverage built around this content was 76 and came from highly relevant and authoritative sites such as Elle, Hip and Healthy and the Sporting News. The publications have a combined readership of 193 million, and the articles had an estimated readership of 153,000.


Final Thought

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