Goodrays | A Quick Listicle with Expert Tips That Gained 18 Pieces of Coverage.

In a Nutshell:

  • Covid-19 restrictions were relaxing, but we knew first hand that people in the UK were feeling stressed about travelling abroad
  • We conducted a survey of 2,000 Brits to find out what was causing the most travel anxiety ahead of the long-awaited summer holidays
  • Our quick and easy campaign earned 18 pieces of coverage with an average domain authority of 72, and racked up an estimated 897,000 story views

With a foot placed firmly in the wellness arena, it seemed fitting that Goodrays could offer expert advice on any stress-inducing situations that were occurring. So when travel anxiety became prevalent, we saw an opportunity to comment.



How did we identify the opportunity?

Naturally, like a lot of people living across the UK, we were starting to plan our summer holidays. Covid-19 restrictions were relaxing, but it’d been so long without sun and fun that many of us were worried about jetting off on our annual adventures again. 

The topic of holiday anxiety spearheaded the conversion in our ideation session, and knowing that our Twitter feeds were filled with similar feelings, we knew there would be a strong interest in this story from readers and journalists alike. 


What did we do?

We needed data to back-up our assumptions, so we turned to the classic, much-loved PR survey to carry out new research and offer insight into what was causing us Brits the most stress about our holiday plans.  

We compiled our research into a top 10 list and pulled out a few key insights to make our story as engaging as possible. We showed the percentage of Brits that agreed on the top spot and highlighted those that noted Covid as a concern. 

To help the reader, we enlisted consumer expert, Jane Hawkes to offer expert advice and share her tips to combat the dreaded holiday anxiety. For extra advice we shared our favourite travel hacks from TikTok, offering tips on packing light and saving money on flights. 

We wrote our story into a press release and contacted a shortlist of editors and journalists to pitch our campaign to.


What outcomes were achieved?

The story caught on, grabbing the attention of journalists and gaining 18 pieces of coverage across national publications. The news titles had an average domain authority of 72, receiving an estimated 897,000 story views.


Final Thought:

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