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Green Chef | An Evergreen Campaign That Built 9 Backlinks and Earned 17 Pieces of Coverage

In a Nutshell:

  • We leveraged a rise in search data that aligned perfectly with our client’s recipe boxes
  • Our client gave expert commentary to answer the most googled questions about the keto diet, and debunk the most common myths
  • Our campaign had an estimated 254K views, built 9 links, and received 17 pieces of coverage including

Green Chef offers consumers healthy recipe boxes for five core, nutritionist-approved dietary preferences including; vegan, vegetarian, lower carb, flexitarian and keto. For this campaign our client wanted to focus on just one – keto.

NORTH Case Study for Green Chef


How did we identify the opportunity?

The world is becoming more and more health conscious, but with so many different dietary preferences, it’s hard to keep up and understand the difference between; Paleo, Dukan or in this case – Keto. 

We know that journalists love a campaign with a strong data story, and with the keto diet becoming more known and rising in popularity, we believed there would be a great data story to uncover.


What did we do?

We dove into Semrush and Google Trends to look at search data from the past 12 months across the UK. We confirmed our suspicions that people were interested in discovering the keto diet, uncovering a 300% spike in searches for ‘What is the keto diet plan?’.

List articles are a tried and tested content format that journalists love to cover, and people love to read. They’re simple, easy to digest and pique our curiosity. With this in mind we continued our search to build a list of the most searched keto questions. 

We presented the questions in a list with their average monthly search volume, and to add extra weight to the story, pulled in Green Chef’s ‘Registered Nutritionist and Chef’ – Anna Tebbs to answer the questions and debunk any myths surrounding the diet.

The story was written into a press release and we sent email pitches to a shortlist of journalists and publications, with a hyperlink back to Green Chef’s existing Keto landing page. 


What outcomes were achieved?

Following our outreach we landed 17 pieces of coverage including, gained 9 links and had an estimated 254K story views to a combined audience of 120Million people.


Final thoughts:

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