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HelloFresh | A Quick Eurovision Food Campaign That Built 71 Backlinks

In a Nutshell:

  • We took advantage of Eurovision with a food centred campaign to discover the most popular party food around Europe
  • We created a landing page with an infographic of the most popular foods by country, recipe suggestions, and food-themed song entries
  • Our campaign had an estimated 245K views, and built 71 backlinks with an average domain authority of 54

Eurovision 2022 was on the way and we knew it would be a topic on everyone’s lips, drawing a lot of attention in the press. To ride on the coattails of Eurovision, we created a quick and easy food campaign for our client HelloFresh UK.


Cover for HelloFresh Eurovision


How did we identify the opportunity?

A great way to get ahead in PR is by being proactive, which is why our team studies the year ahead to scan and plan for relevant opportunities for each of our clients. HelloFresh’s recipe boxes are centred around improving the at-home dining experience and a big TV event is a perfect opportunity to leverage for a campaign.

With the UK’s interest in Eurovision growing by the day, we knew journo’s would be on the lookout for campaigns related to the much-loved music contest, and so after landing on the idea in an ideation session, we set out to discover ‘The Ultimate Eurovision Feasts of Europe’.


What did we do?

It all starts with research, for this one we scanned through Taste Atlas and Rough Guides to uncover the most popular local foods for each of the 40 European countries. After creating a shortlist for each, we jumped into Semrush and Google Trends to analyse each dish’s search volume, revealing the most popular traditional party foods by country.

We wrote our story into a press release and landing page, scattering HelloFresh recipes throughout to link back to our client’s product. Our findings were put into a simple table, and we created a map to illustrate the top dishes, bringing a stand-out visual touch to the campaign.


Map of the most popular party foods of Europe


To add more weight to our story, we pulled in expert commentary from HelloFresh Recipe Development Manager, Mimi Morley, and created a list of 2022’s food-themed song entries.

Once the story was ready, we pitched out to a shortlist of journalists and publications, and waited for the links and coverage to roll in.


What outcomes were achieved?

Our campaign was a big hit! Racking up an estimated 245K views, and building 71 backlinks with an average domain authority of 54.


Final thoughts:

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