Love Hemp | A Quick Reactive Story That Built 24 Links Including Metro, T3, and Tyla

In a Nutshell:

  • We spotted a seasonal opportunity that linked back to our client, Love Hemp’s affinity for health and wellbeing.
  • We tracked down an academic in the field to provide expert comment, scanned TikTok for influencer tips, created content and reached out to our extensive network of editors and journalists.
  • We secured 28 pieces of coverage and 24 links from news publications, with a staggeringly high average domain authority of 71.

Love Hemp needed a way to build strong backlinks to their website with content relevant to the health and wellbeing sector.

We put our heads together in an ideation session and pinpointed an opportunity in the seasonal calendar that would allow us to become part of the conversation by sharing a reactive news story.

How did we identify the opportunity?

Love Hemp’s brand is firmly rooted in the health and wellbeing sector, and with the October clock change approaching, we spotted an opportunity to create a reactive campaign that supports their CBD products.

One of CBD’s main benefits is to improve sleep, so using this as a vehicle for our campaign, we explored how the clock change affects our sleep pattern and discovered the best tips to get a good night’s sleep.

What did we do?

We set out on an outreach mission to track down an expert opinion from an academic in the field to add weight to our story, and flicked our way through TikTok to find the best sleep tips from healthcare influencers. 

We created our story, wrote a blog for the Love Hemp website and contacted a shortlist of editors and journalists to pitch our campaign to.

What outcomes were achieved?

The story was a hit and picked up 28 pieces of coverage with an estimated 363,000 views. We secured 24 backlinks with an average domain authority of 71, and featured on news publications including; Metro, T3, Wales Online and Daily Record.

Final Thought:

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