N Peal

N.Peal | A Global Fashion Campaign That Earned 23 Pieces of Coverage Including Elle and Marie Claire

In a Nutshell:

  • We created a quick data-led digital PR campaign that supported our client, N.Peal’s core business values and drove brand awareness
  • We studied search data to find the top 10 countries for sustainable shopping online, creating a campaign with global appeal
  • We gained 23 pieces of coverage with an estimated 1 million coverage views, including fashion publications Elle and Marie Clarie.

N.Peal strives to be the destination for sustainable luxury cashmere, recognised and trusted for their integrity and quality worldwide. They needed a campaign with an international angle to support their values and build awareness with shoppers online.

Following an ideation at NORTH HQ, we landed on a simple yet effective idea to rank the top 10 countries for sustainable shopping online.

How did we identify the opportunity?

Sustainable shopping is no new concept, but awareness has grown rapidly in recent years. Customers are becoming more conscious, and search results for eco-friendly fashion terms are on the rise.

We wanted to showcase the boom and create a story that linked back to N.Peal’s core ethos.

Top 10 lists are a tried-and-tested format, so we were confident that if we created one centred around sustainable fashion, it would resonate with publications and attract a heap of coverage.

What did we do?

We collected data from 64 countries using Ahrefs and Google Trends, and shortlisted the locations into a top 10 list.

To add more weight to our story, we expanded our list to the top 20 and created a map to illustrate the split. We ranked our searches by continent, and went into detail on sustainability trends to bolster our research.

We wrote our story, created a blog for N.Peal’s website and reached out to editors and journalists in the fashion industry to pitch our story.


What outcomes were achieved?

We picked up 23 pieces of coverage, with an online readership of 1.02 billion. The story was featured by fashion publications including Elle and Marie Claire, and received an estimated 1 million story views.

Final Thought:

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