How Pivoting Is Helping Our Campaigns Go The Extra Mile

Power of The Pivot | A Powerful Tactic to Build More Links

In a Nutshell:

At NORTH, we use pivoting as a valuable digital PR tactic to help us get the most out of the campaigns we create. By coming up with evergreen campaigns that can be repositioned to target new audiences and jump on different trends, we’re able to build even more links in more publications. 

We catalogue every campaign and track relevant opportunities to outreach it again with an exciting new spin. It’s how we make our campaigns even more valuable! To see how pivoting has worked with some of our clients, take a look at our case studies below…

Chefs Plate

We created a creative campaign for our Canadian food client, Chefs Plate. For the original campaign, we surveyed 1,003 Canadians to find out their favourite food emoji, and what food emoji they would create if they could. When we originally pitched this out to Canadian lifestyle publications, we didn’t get the response we hoped for. 

Because we felt strongly about this campaign we kept it in our back catalogue and kept a close eye on the media for a new news hook to jump on to. We noticed Canadian pop star, The Weeknd Tweet about his wish for a sugar emoji and jumped on it straight away. We refreshed the press release with new data from the survey, updated the headline to reflect The Weeknd’s Tweet and sent it out to lifestyle publications.


Chefs Plate


The results 

  • 25 links in Canadian publications 
  • Three brand mentions including Narcity and Hero Mag 
  • 85% of the links were follow links



We launched a campaign around the best time to exercise according to your menstrual cycle for CBD brand, fourfive. A few months later Olympian, Dina Asher-Smith publicly called for more research into how periods can affect athletic performance. 

We used this as an opportunity to pivot the campaign in response to her comments to raise awareness of the ways in which the menstrual cycle can affect women’s exercise routines. The pivot helped us insert the brand at the heart of a very important, trending conversation. Not only were we able to help fourfive position themselves as experts, we were also able to gain 9 links and 9 brand mentions across major publications. 



The results 

  • 9 follow links and 9 brand mentions 
  • Coverage in key publications such as Huffington Post, Boots Magazine, The Sun and Yahoo



On behalf of budget-friendly meal kit brand, EveryPlate, we launched a campaign on Australia’s top picnic locations based on Instagram hashtags. 

Unfortunately the campaign didn’t get picked up the first time, but almost a year later, we decided to refresh the data in line with the peak of Australian summer. We updated the Instagram data and created several new, regional hooks for the campaign pivot. 

As a result we secured 40 brand mentions in some of Australia’s most reputable publications, including The West Australian, Yahoo, and The New Daily. 

We found the regional angle worked extremely well for this campaign, securing follow links in Canberra Times, This is Canberra, Glam Adelaide and EllasList.




The results 

  • 40 pieces of coverage in major publications such as The West Australian, Yahoo and The New Daily
  • 6 follow links


Bensons For Beds 

When working with Bensons For Beds, we conducted a study around how many pillows people should be sleeping with. When we first launched a campaign around this data, we used the headline “Sleeping with 1 Pillow Avoids Long-Term Health Problems, New Study Reveals”. 

This helped us achieve coverage in The English Home, but we catalogued the data to use again at a later date. When it came to the New Year, we felt that a new sleeping habit angle could be a great opportunity to pivot the data. 

With the new title ‘How making this small change can help you sleep better in 2023’, we were able to achieve 52 brand mentions across many publications such as The Lancaster Guardian. 


Benson for Beds

  • 52 brand mentions across high-authority publications


For more information on how to pivot campaigns, read our blog post or browse our digital PR and SEO services