RMP Case Study

RMP Enterprise | How We Got It Right in the First 100 Days and Increased Organic Traffic by 8%

In a Nutshell:

  • We immersed ourselves with the brand and mapped a creative SEO strategy that got our client ranking at the bottom of page 1 for highly competitive keywords such as ‘Best Universities in the UK’ within two months through a digital PR only service
  • We created keyword-focused, audience-led campaigns that landed us on the homepage of an extremely industry-relevant publication, The Tab
  • By making use of existing content, we increased organic traffic to the site by 8% in the first 100 days of working with the client

RMP Enterprise was founded by students, for students. A simple mission to support and inspire young people to take their first steps in their careers. The team at RMP want to connect talented people with companies offering placements, internships and apprenticeships.

Through consistent collaboration with our client, audience and market insights, and a sprinkle of creative licence, our team built out a number of highly relevant digital PR campaigns that positioned RMP as the experts in understanding what students really want to know; including ranking the universities of the UK on what really matters. Think; the number of nightclubs, cost of eating out (and pints!), cheapest accommodation, and how likely are you to get a job after graduating?


How did we identify the opportunity?

We’re huge fans of an intelligent and relevant strategy here at NORTH, and in order to get the best results for our clients we always want to ensure we’re talking to the right audience about the right topics, but in a way that’s interesting and engaging. 

Following a brand immersion (so we really understand our client inside-out and back to front!), we analysed a number of data points, including target audience pain-points and needs, current market landscape and key industry challenges, as well as competitor successes and misses. We then took this analysis, combined it with a current-performance audit, threw a keyword-focused ideation in the mix, and voila! We built out a data-led SEO strategy that fit the RMP Enterprise brief perfectly, placing them at the centre of all things student-related, but in a way that prioritised talking directly to the students themselves. Supporting established onsite content and keyword opportunities with reactive PR whilst using larger campaigns to boost those highly competitive keywords, with relevant evergreen onsite resources.


What did we do?

The key campaign that supported our early achievements for RMP was the ‘Ultimate ranking of UK universities’, which was based on more than just academia, but considered the lifestyle of students outside of their education. In order to not only capture, but keep their interest, we had to consider what students actually care about; living their lives, socialising, and knowing it wasn’t all a complete waste of time!

We prioritised keyword links and relevant anchor text where possible, to help Google to understand how the campaign was both relevant and useful to the intended audience and their search queries.

We then created the opportunity to gain as much coverage as possible from one simple idea by establishing as many workable angles around the story, without losing its core message and audience relevance. For example, adding a regional angle to the story, such as what differing universities and locations had to offer students, created a sense of achievement for those cities and a desire to shout about and celebrate their ranking position.


What outcomes were achieved?

In the first two months of working with RMP Enterprise, the team achieved 16 highly relevant links across the RateMyPlacement and RateMyApprenticeship websites, as well as a total of 28 pieces of coverage in key publications. 

Our keyword-focussed digital PR strategy saw us improve rankings for over 9000 keywords in less than three months, including getting our client onto the bottom of page one of Google for highly competitive keywords for which they previously had never ranked in the top 100.

By making use of existing content we increased organic traffic by 8%, as well as seeing over 4000 referral website visitors directly from built links.


Final Thought:

If you’re inspired by this case study and unsure you’re getting the most from your current digital PR campaigns, book a FREE 30-minute consultation with one of our experts.

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