Strengthen your paid social strategy with NORTH

With 73% of the UK population actively using social media, it is more important than ever for successful brands to have a strong paid social marketing strategy in place.

Social Media is dominating.

Whether you’re looking to boost your brand awareness, reach new customers, or you’re keen to reignite stagnant social media accounts and improve your ROAS

Our team of paid social experts are well equipped to execute campaigns across META platforms, Pinterest and TikTok that deliver results.

A holistic approach

We’re a paid social agency that believes in leveraging other marketing channels to improve the performance and efficiency of our strategies. Whether that’s working with our in-house PPC management team and utilising one fluid paid marketing budget between channels, or collaborating with our SEO expert teams to drive quality traffic to optimised landing pages, we’re big advocates of joined up thinking.

Paid Social Strategy

Whether it’s TikTok, Meta or Pinterest Ads joined up with Google or Microsoft Ads, our unique collaborative approach to your PPC, Paid Social & Shopping Feed management waves goodbye to channel silos and hello to joined up thinking.

One team

Our PPC & Paid Social experts blend seamlessly to work on your behalf and act as one team.

One budget

You give us your overarching budget and we’ll spend it efficiently across channels to maximise your performance.

One objective

We’re united in the end goal and work together to ensure we’re delivering the numbers for you.

Data-driven paid social strategies

Your paid social strategies won’t be made based on presumptions, but instead on data-driven decisions backed by what we find in GA4 and Social Platforms. This puts us in a confident position to increase performance results and ensure we’re spending your budget efficiently. We leverage both Analytics and in-platform insights on a weekly basis, as well as frequent agency meetings to take advantage of shared experiences and industry insights.

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