The Basics of Digital PR

Want to find out more about Digital PR, but don’t know where to get started?

From understanding what Digital PR is, to creating your first strategy, our five-part email course covers all the basics to get the ball rolling.

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In this course you will:

  • Learn about what Digital PR is
  • Explore the different tactics used
  • Find out which format is best for your campaign
  • Discover the SOSTAC strategy format
  • Learn how to nail the perfect pitch
  • Find out how to measure your performance

Daily Chapters

Each day focuses on a different aspect of Digital PR, we’ve kept the content short and sweet, but naturally some chapters are chunkier than others. 

Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of what’s to come:

Day 1: What is Digital PR?
Day 2: Learnings from Traditional PR
Day 3: Creating a Strategy
Day 4: Selecting the Best Tactics & Formats
Day 5: Nailing the Perfect Pitch and Measuring Performance

Digital PR Services

We know that when it comes to digital PR, there’s a lot to take in. If you need support, browse our digital PR services and see how we can transform your online presence.